Monthly Archives: May 2015

Release day!

WHAT A LASS WANTS officially hits store shelves today. Woot! A handsome thief and a determined lady-in-waiting discover what we all know to be true–that there’s nothing quite as stirring as a wild Highland passion:

She pressed her lips to the corner of his mouth, soft and sweet. “Perhaps I trust too easily. I’ve certainly been disappointed by the actions of others in the past. But you’ve had numerous opportunities to take advantage and have taken none.”

“I kissed you in the cellars,” he pointed out.

“I recall that,” she said, laughing lightly in his ear. Stirring the hairs at his temple and sending a wave of molten need rushing to his loins. “Hardly what I would label as taking advantage, however. It was quite delightful, but far too short.”

It had been short. By necessity. He’d been dangerously close to losing control—but nowhere near as close as he was this moment. The lass had no idea how desperate his desire was, but if he turned to face her, she’d know in an instant.

Her hot, wet lips found his earlobe, suckling. “Would you kiss me again?”

Dear god. Only a saint would be able to resist such a plea. And he was no saint.