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Rowan Keats has enjoyed a lifelong affair with all things medieval. An avid reader of romance novels from the age of twelve, her dreams are regularly filled with fire-breathing dragons, feisty maidens, and sword-wielding heroes. The medieval era is a great place to build a mental castle.

A redheaded Scottish grandmother and family ties to Inverness sparked an enduring interest in Scotland and its fierce, bold history. Coupled with Rowan’s love of the Middle Ages and an itch to put words to paper, that fascination developed into a career in writing. After several years of penning romantic tales–and winning a contest or two along the way–she sold her first Scottish medieval romance to Signet Eclipse in early 2012. Sound the trumpets!

Rowan lives in Eastern Canada with her daughter and the family menagerie.

3 thoughts on “About Rowan

  1. Mary LeBlanc

    I was looking up another author on Amazon and saw your book “Taming a Wild Scot”. I reserved it at the local library. Great to find another author who’s books I’m interested in reading. Then read your bio and saw you’re from Eastern Canada. I’m from Charlottetown and now live in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS. My neighbor, Genevieve Graham is also an author with 3 Scottish books published. Can’t wait to read this and your next release in May.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mary! Nice to meet you! I’m living in Ottawa these days, but have spent years in the Maritimes. My dad was in the military. :-) I love Scottish historicals, and it’s always a pleasure to meet others who do, as well. I hope you enjoy TAMING A WILD SCOT. If you are so inclined, it would be lovely if you posted a review after reading it. No matter what your opinion is. :-)

  2. Sheila B

    Hi again, just wanted you to know that one of my favorite authors is Sandra Hill – she gets a little more lusty in her novels – but the sizzle and intrigue levels keep me going – your writing style is a bit different – and you have alot of really great plots and you use more “big words” in different ways. I can’t put my finger on it precisely – but, I just want you to know that I have added you as one of my favorite authors. Thanks for following your dream and bringing another great story to print. All the best, Sheila


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